Thursday, 6 March 2014

Today marks the 4th day of my internship! I'm on my way home now, blogging in the bus, replying whatsapp messages and struggling with motion sickness, attempting to multi-tasks.
I'm feeling so thankful to be posted to this firm for my 6 weeks internship! My boss and intern supervisor are very sweet, lovely and humourous people ♥ I am also glad to have a friend with me, Hung Ying as my fellow intern :)

My boyfriend prepared lunch (broccoli, carrot, salmon) for me and I feel so blessed to have him in my life :')

It is an extremely cozy environment because my boss (who is a lawyer) came up with the design and concept and filled the office with collections from the past. He has the coolest background but I'm not revealing much.
Though it has only been 4 days, Hung Ying and I have learned and laughed A LOT because my boss and supervisor have been very helpful and generous about sharing their experiences with us :)

They brought us out for lunch and tea breaks.I hope they will give us more work for the next few weeks so we can ease their burden :)

We are going for a seminar at Marina Bay Sands, meeting clients, going to court and I believe there would be many more for us to experience!! :D

I am surviving very well in this firm and if I ever become a boss in the future, I will learn to be like my boss. He is my role model :)

Alright, here are some updates about my life now, see you guys! :) xo

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