Sunday, 9 March 2014


To continue our project22 (cafes), Hendy and I decided to visit the overrated Wimbly Lu located along Jalan Riang.

I've been to Wimbly Lu once and at that point of time,  the standard of the food was still OKAY but I always it a lil too pricey and overrated.

Wimbly Lu

We ordered the highly raved Waffles with Ice Cream and Root Beer Cake.
The waffles didn't impress us AT ALL and they weren't generous when it comes to scooping the ice cream. We had salted caramel ice cream but it wasn't a good combination. For waffles, we would rather go to Udders.

They are also famous for their Root Beer Cake accompanied by a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. I like how chewy the cake was and the taste was pretty unique but once again, the portion was pathetic -.-

The Chocolate Tofu Cake looked tempting but it was nothing but disappointment >:( It was WAY TOO BITTER, too strong, and it's not within our preferences. Oh well, some may like it because every individual has different taste buds and preferences.

For us, we will never return to Wimbly Lu again. The ambience was perfect but the food clearly didn't capture our hearts.

What I love about Arbite is that the combination of their quality of food and price is an A+.
Eggs Benedict for dinner and I love their honey baked ham ♥︎ Would prefer honey baked ham to smoked salmon for Eggs Benedict.

Not sure what's this dish but it's somehow like our MEE POK, the "atas" one.

I've always wanted to visit the newly opened Oblong Ice Cream at Serangoon Gardens. As part of our Project 22 again, Hendy and I walked down to Gardens from my house and had our dessert there. We ordered Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Red Velvet Waffle :) Cream cheese was sandwiched in between the waffles and the ice cream was topped with a heart-shaped marshmallow (V'day special) ♥︎

Mouth Restaurant
Dad brought me to Mouth Restaurant and never would I return to this restaurant again. Though I must say, their service was EXCELLENT. They are so meticulous and attend to every customer's need promptly :)

The quality of their food would be another story. 

Their har gow came in different colours and I thought there would be different flavours but to my surprise, it was just the colouring and not flavours. It was a lil hard as well.

I have no idea what was presented to me, all I know it's chee cheong fan but the chee cheong fan was HARD and the sauce was SOUR.

My kakak's new creation by combining spinach, egg, potato and onion :)

Zegna was upset because I told her I was going to stay over at Marina Bay Sands for two nights :(

I had to study and Hendy wanted to gym so I accompanied him at the gym before having Salted Egg Chicken Rice at Balestier. If only they're generous with their portion of chicken. Would appreciate if they use lesser oil for the fried egg too.

AND, few days ago, I've also blogged!

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