Friday, 14 March 2014

Batam (2D1N)

I was hesitant when mum asked me to accompany her to Batam because it was  a day after my Financial Management paper and two days before my Cost & Managerial Accounting paper and Final Theory Test :( 

I decided to go anyway because my internship was going to start after my exam; I wanted to spend more time with my mum and I don't feel safe leaving her alone.
Moreover, it's just a 45 minutes ferry ride and I have my bf with me too :)

My aunt picked us up at Harbour Bay and we went to eat Nasi Padang for lunch. We didn't have lunch in Singapore because we had to rush down to Harbourfront after my relatives left the house. It was my first time eating Nasi Padang and it's sooooooooo gooooood!

After lunch, we went to Batam City Square Mall (BCS). It's the only mall my mum and I go to every time we are in Batam. That's because most of our trips to Batam are just 2D1N or sometimes just a day.

We went to my aunt's place to put our stuff down and took a rest for awhile before heading to my mum's childhood friend's place for her wedding anniversary dinner. It was a buffet style where she (and her helpers) prepared the food. 

As I was having my period (It came early..... I hate travelling during this time of the month -.-), I don't like to stay in anyone's house so I pleaded my mum for us to stay in a (good) hotel for a night. I don't have high expectation of hotels in Indonesia but I just want a CLEAN BATHROOM and decent and comfortable place for me to stay :'(

Mum contacted one of her friends who owns the hotel and we checked into Hotel Utama.

☀︎ Good morning faces ☀︎

After having breakfast at the hotel, we visited some relatives before leaving for Singapore.

Mum wanted to takeaway some food from the restaurant so we went back to the same place for Nasi Padang again. 

Attempting to make a straight line using our small eyes -_-

On the ferry back to Singapore!
Lesson learnt from this trip: When travelling with family/friends, always be kiasu and be the first few to board the ferry so you can sit together :)

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