Friday, 28 March 2014

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength ♥︎

I feel so blessed now (and I believe that I will still feel the same in the future) and I wake up feeling thankful everyday because I have the best of the best in the universe. My mum, my labrador retrievers, my boyfriend ♥︎

So thankful to have this man who woke up early in the morning and travelled all the way to my house just to bring my dogs out with me :') Mum also joined us because I wanted her to exercise. 

It was a pleasant and lovely morning with my loved ones :)

I can't wait for internship to end so I can bring them out more often, just like before! I end work at 6.30PM everyday so by the time I reach home, it is already 7.30PM and Zegna refuses to walk at night :( I would rather go to school now because sometimes school ends early and I can rush home to accompany my dogs.

Dogs > School Work

I had 爱心早餐 (breakfast filled with love) ♥︎ prepared by bf because I missed his egg with cheese and mayo sandwich. And I'm finally using the reusable ice cubes we bought from Disney World :D

Valentine's Day gift from my love! Hehe, I'm a fan of Disney (especially mickey & minnie and the princesses ♥︎)

One fine morning, I had breakfast with my fellow intern, Hung Ying, before going to the office. When we reached the office, our boss and intern supervisor wanted to have breakfast at Mcdonalds so we accompanied them. Internship has been awesome so far! Though I can't wait for it to end so I can spend more time with my loved ones during the one week holiday before school starts :( *reason stated above*

Sometimes my dogs just melt my heart ~
They look cuter in real life, hehe.
Just staring at my mum because she was talking to them.... Yes, my mum always does that.

It was an impromptu trip to Marina Bay Sands for high tea alone because I was too stressed up with exam revision. 
It is a bad quality picture because the the lights in Marina Bay Sands lifts are too dim :/

I'm so glad that everything's over now! Internship is definitely more interesting than school, though the working hours is T.T (I'm not complaining because I'm very fortunate to work in a good firm with cozy environment and friendly people) :D

Tea break with Shannon and Yanxiu at Cupplets :)

The food was so-so only and it's definitely not worth the price. I would give 4/10 for the food but 9/10 for the decoration. It's vintage-inspired and pretty cosy. Because of limited space, there's limited seats. They probably need to do a lot more work on their recipes. Overall, it was still okay.

I will still go back to Cupplets when their standards improve. (Will still give them support because it is started up by our very own Ngee Ann alumni) *discount please!!*

I've changed my laptop from a Macbook Pro to a Macbook Air because my Pro's hard disk crashed! Yeah, all my fault for not taking care of my Pro in Year One :'(

Anyway, I'm taking good care of my Air now because my target is to use this Air for at least 5 years. It's my first time setting a target for my laptop so I'll see how long it can last.

My new wallpaper is Queen Elsa because I'm in love with freezing frozen :)

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