Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Zegna and Buddy's birthday ♡♡♡

20 August

1) Biscuits and heart/star/peanut butter cookies
2) Carob/strawberry eclairs and pandan/strawberry/banana/cheese muffins
3) Biscuits and heart/star/peanut butter cookies
4) Traditional/snow skin moon cakes
5) Doughnuts
6) Cheese Tartlets chix/beef and puffs

I was having a headache choosing the cakes because I wanted to buy the 500g or even the 1kg because there are more designs but we have to order a day in advance (and their birthday is the next day). In the end, I chose the 200g cakes and requested the bakery chef to add their names on the cakes :)

Zegna's cake top with a heart shape cookie

Buddy's cake top with a doggie shape cookie

Babies can't wait to finish everything on the table!

She refused to take a picture with Buddy!
Zegna : Humph! They don't want to let me eat I don't want to pose!
Buddy : Aiya you pose nice nice, let them take a good picture of us then can eat already la

Zegna : Okay lor but I want to take solo picture!

We sang happy birthday song and they were barking away, singing with us. Hahaha.
Zegna the pig looking the cake but too bad it's buddy's!

Told her it's buddy's and not hers and she sat down, what a good baby

Ahhhhh this picture is so cute ♡♡♡

In only two minutes.......
the cakes were gone!

A year ago, we bought cakes for them too!

As Buddy was my cousin's dog, we celebrated Zegna's birthday at home a day earlier with a small blueberry cake and some cookies and eclairs :) We also bought a pink cake to celebrate with Buddy at my cousin's house on the actual day

At home......
Singing happy birthday song


Blue cream everywhere...... even on the nose!

Mum made a PINK DRESS for Zegna!!!!!!

My helper and I also took her down for a walk in her pink dress!

The next day, we took a cab to Katong......
That was the first time Buddy and Zegna met again AFTER being separated for almost about a year!

When everyone was present at night, it was time to sing the birthday song and cake cutting again!
At that time, Buddy was kinda having depression sort of thing because the maid always hit him and he's scared of almost everything. He even refused to eat so we had to open his mouth and put the food in :(

My heart broke when I saw him in this state :(

Zegna the greedy pig is forever eating.......
On the table, it's Prada the Maltese!

Trying to tempt him but he still refused to eat. Sigh, so I opened his mouth and put the cake in...

When there's food, there's always Zegna!

After few minutes of persuading, finally...........


In case you're wondering why is Buddy living with me now is because I told my aunt to bring Buddy over. I couldn't stand the way the maid treated him and my cousins are at work/school so they couldn't "protect" Buddy all the time. 

Thank god my helper is a dog lover!

Yup so that's a simple birthday celebration for my dogs but I know they could feel my love for them. I know they want me to have more time for them and since it's holiday, I will definitely spend more time with them :)

Happy birthday Zegna Koh and Buddy Koh!
Jiejie loves you forever ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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