Friday, 23 August 2013



After another 6 months of "torture" in school, the long awaited 2 month break is finally here! I realize this is going to be a long post because of the long hiatus (I hate exams). Everything is so long, including Buddy's body.

★★★★★ (because hearts are too mainstream)

My budget is a little tight this month so I bought them Party Package A ($37) instead of A la carte.

Blueberry flavor with 3 ★★★ signifying their 3rd birthday :)
Muffins x Eclairs x Donuts
Strawberry x Carrot x Banana x Blueberry x Pandan
Shepherd Pie x Chicken Pie x Beef Pie

I really feel like a failed owner because I fail to teach my dogs. I am going to try to teach them again. Can Cesar Millan possess me for 2 months? Sometimes I feel so desperate, I just want to break down but I know they are my babies so I cannot give up on them!

EXAMS ARE OFFICIALLY OVER! (Though it's only the 3rd semester) I am so excited because I have planned my holiday activities. Whether it works or not, it is another thing. At least I don't have to do summarized notes and past year exam papers, attend consultations and worry about the actual papers :)

The worse thing about exams is accumulating fats! Maybe my time management sucks and I'm not disciplined enough. I always look for food in the middle of the night and one night, I found a Red Velvet Cupcake in the fridge!

I don't like studying at Coffee Bean but my dogs were distracting me. I would always give myself a short break then I started sleeping with my dogs on the floor :/

Hot Chocolate x Marshmallows

Watching my fav channel after my last paper!

No more Finance of International Trade
No more Accounting Applications & Analysis
No more Principles of Marketing
No more Service Operations Management
No more Business Communication
No more Exploring Classical Music
No more Idea Blueprint

Nah, gonna watch Korean & Hong Kong dramas, Disney Films and Cyberpioneertv videos! DON'T JUDGE.

FAV FAV FAV FOOD - GADO GADO! My aunt made it and it was quite oily but I don't care because it's damnnnnn awesome ♥

Bought TOTO with James but we didn't win! It's my first time buying TOTO!

I forced my dogs to accompany me in my room~~~ 

If you are following me on instagram, you might have seen this picture! I was doing online shopping when Zegna looked at me, jumped up on the sofa and slept beside me! It seems like she wanted me to stop shopping and spend more time with her! Zegna is really one funny dog ♥

The only thing I wish for when I come back from school is a simple home cooked meal and my mum and helper always cook my fav dishes :)

This Sunday, mum went for facial and Wen went out so dad brought me and May for brunch at the usual restaurant at Marina Bay Sands :D

I don't understand why would anyone crave for the overrated Swee Choon? In my opinion, the standard of the food is meh and it is quite expensive for meh food. I've been there once and I would never go there again.

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine.

My fav chee cheong fan with fried youtiao and prawns! ♥

My aunt cooked crab beehoon (similar to Mellben's) and pepper crabs for me! Actually the crab beehoon is quite easy to make and I dare to say my aunt's crab beehoon wins Mellben's anytime :)

Mum carrying my cousin's maltese, Prada.

She was chewing this bone for AN HOUR

The day before my accounting paper, dad asked me out for dinner and we went to Pontian because we were craving for wanton noodles! I only like wanton noodles from Pontian, it is just very different from those you buy in market!

Another home cooked meal! My helper made my fav fried potato (I have lots of fav food!) using a  special recipe!

A very innocent looking Buddy but behind this innocent face.......... you wouldn't want to know

This is how Buddy sleeps EVERY night! He is such a weird dog?!?!?! 

Lovely picture of Zegna taken by my sister. My sister wanted to drive out but Zegna was in her car, enjoying the air con.

Gotta make sure my plans would be carried out smoothly! And I just hope I won't fail any modules :(

Time to stop thinking about exam results and just enjoy the break! I don't think I studied hard enough to deserve this break but I definitely deserve this break because I am a 19 year old teenager and I NEED A BREAK.


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